Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Honorary or memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or remember a person to whom theatre education was important. All donors who make an honorary or memorial gift will be listed below for one year. Donors who make honorary or memorial gifts are also listed in the Foundation’s annual report.

Make an honorary or memorial gift. If you would like us to notify the recipient or the family of the recipient of your thoughtful gift, please provide us with a name and address.

Contact Development at 513.977.5539 with questions or to learn more.

In honor of Linda Bell
• Hunter Bell

In honor of Kristen Bennett
• Mikaela McSherry

In memory of Gladys Bernstein
• Gail Bernstein
• Ralph Bernstein
• Rona Gabin

In honor of Brady Boyd
• Cory Boyd

In honor of Nathan Camacho
• Victoria Fountain

In memory of Mitchell Cohen
• Marcy Lebovitz

In memory of Dorothy Colonius
• John Hardaway

In honor of Cathy Cordle
• Mark Drum

In honor of Michael Davis
• Brooke Phillips

In honor of Nancy Duffy
• The Angelson Family Foundation

In honor of Jayne Freudenberger
• Kari Freudenberger

In honor of Carolyn Friedman
• Sandra Friedman

In honor of Samuel Garles
• Tiffany Benjamin

In honor of Solomon Glouboff-Schragger
• Anne Schwartz

In honor of Jeff Green
• Irene Imboden

In honor of Robert Greenblatt
• Lisa Katz
• John David Williams

In honor of Gaines Glenn Halcomb
• William Halcomb

In honor of Steve Houghton
• Sharon Kneip

In memory of Jimmy Humphries
• Jeff Horst
• Caela O’Connell
• Laura Poje
• Scott Wilson

In honor of Aleksie Jackson
• Chris Dickon

In honor of Jefferson High School, Troupe 561
• Jim Miller

In honor of Charlotte Johnson
• Kathleen Martin

In honor of Shirley Kistler
• John Durnil

In honor of Gabrielle Lisella
• Charles Lisella

In honor of Kelly McGee
• Molly McGee

In honor of Michelle Nathanson
• Melvin Marsh

In memory of Keith Page
• Kim Osmond

In honor of Dylan Pass
• Trevor Pass

In memory of Catherine E. Phillips
• Jenni Castelucci
• Dane Castle
• Emily & Hilary Demko
• Cory Farinacci
• Jeff Filotei
• Brenna Marincic
• Meredith Morgan
• Rachel O’Hara
• Laurel Roether
• Kim Roberts
• Melanie Ryland
• Kevin Schultz
• Cory Wilson
• Arthur Wise

In honor of Cynthia L. Louden
• Mark Weinstein

In honor of Kim O’Rourke
• Megan Tulac Phillips

In honor of Lisa Rafferty
• Megan Rafferty

In honor of Brian Royston
• Peter Royston

In memory of Peter Sargent
• Angel Wuellner

In honor of Marc Shaiman
• Bryan Shaiman
• Karen Shirvanian

In honor of Julie Cohen Theobald
• Gigi Cohen
• Marlyse Cohen
• Rachel Reiner

In honor of Monica Thompson
• Ben Salbach

In memory of Craig Zadan
• Abingdon Theatre Company
• A + E Networks
• David Chase
• Marci Cooperstein
• Christine Cox
• Brandon Dixon
• John Goldwyn
• Daphne Gronich
• ICM Partners
• Lisa Katz
• Beth Klein
• Irene M. Mecchi
• D.S. Moynihan
• Harley Neuman
• Michael Nicklin
• Stephen Oremus
• Dean Pitchford
• Jennifer Salke
• Candy Spelling
• Danny Strong
• Abbie Van Nostrand
• Wendy Wachtell

We greatly appreciate each gift given in support of the Educational Theatre Foundation, and we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. Please notify Cait Bothwell, Development Associate, of any inaccuracies or omissions by contacting her at 513.977.5529 or cbothwell@edtf.org.