Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Honorary or memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or remember a person to whom theatre education was important. All donors who make an honorary or memorial gift will be listed below for one year. Donors who make honorary or memorial gifts are also listed in the foundation’s annual report and in Dramatics magazine.

Click here to make an honorary or memorial gift. If you would like us to notify the recipient or the family of the recipient of your thoughtful gift, please provide us with a name and address.

Contact Claire Willingham at 513.977.5529 with questions or to learn more.

The Educational Theatre Foundation (ETF) expresses sincere appreciation for the generous gifts given in honor and memory received since January 1, 2017.

  • In honor of Brent Beerman & Sue Carter Smith*
    Scott Wilson
  • In memory of Linda K Bell
    Hunter Bell
  • In honor of Mary Jo Beresford*
    Angel Wuellner
  • In memory of Eileen Boevers*
    Julie Cohen Theobald
  • In honor of Barbara Bowers-Camp*
    Shannon Saltzsieder
  • In honor of Sonya Berlon*
    Douglas and Debbi Berlon
  • In honor of EdTA staff*
    Frank Pruet
  • In honor of Robert Greenblatt
    Carolyn Casselman
    John David Williams
  • In honor of Glenn Halcomb
    William Halcomb
  • In honor of Hamilton: A Musical
    Jessica Williams
  • In honor of Jamie Haney*
    Shea Haney
  • In honor of Beverly Herrlinger and Hugh Heiland*
    Jaquelyn Quay
  • In memory of Joyce Higgins
    Maurice Marshall
  • In honor of Iowa State Thespian Board*
    Helen Duranleau-Brennan
  • In honor of Gai Jones
    James E. Chambless
  • In memory of Wally Larson
    Heather Vogelsong
  • In honor of Amelia Mackey
    Sarah Kueser
  • In honor of Patrick McColery*
    Caroline Caden
  • In memory of Donald L. McGuire
    Sandra J. Morgan
  • In memory of Ronald E. Mills
    Larry, Shanna, and Ean Butcher
    John Flink
    Rochelle Herrera
    Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation
  • In honor of Rhio Ossola*
    Hans Weichhart
  • In honor of Philip Andrews Rash*
    Robert Cady
  • In honor of Robert Richardson
    Jenna Miles
  • In honor of Rena K Riley
    Ryan and Becca Strand
  • In honor of Nick Rose
    Rebecca Childs
  • In honor of Doug Sandor
    Aaron Slovin
  • In honor of Patricia Santanello
    Michaela Strausbaugh
  • In memory of Mel Shoemaker
    Nebraska Thespians
  • In memory of Elaine Smart*
    Michael and Linda Peitz
  • In honor of Barbara Somerville
    Stephanie Day
  • In honor of Julie Cohen Theobald
    Ruth and Ian Fingerman
    Andrew Goldberg
    Eric Kahn
  • In memory of Rexford “Rex” Weichhart
    Hans Weichhart
  • In memory of Mrs. Edna M. Whaley
    Sonya Whaley
  • In honor of Claire Willingham*
    Marion and Dr. Diana Combs
    Bill and Claire Stickney
    Nicole Willingham
  • In honor of Nicole Willingham*
    Claire Calder Willingham
  • In honor of Angel Wuellner*
    Marion and Dr. Diana Combs

*Denotes the gift was made as part of #GivingTuesday